I feel more confident about my work and my friends are impressed with how well I type.
— James aged 9
I found handwriting quite difficult and slow. Now I finish my work in class and I am not falling behind.
— Sarah aged 11
My hand writing was very messy and hard to read. Now my work is easy to read and it doesn’t matter how tired my hands are, my work still looks great.
— Ed aged 10
Now I can type as quickly as I can think. My typing has become automated and my creative writing has improved as has my spelling. I finish my homework sooner and have more free time.
— Lara aged 15
I couldn’t get my ideas out of my head and found it really hard to start writing. Now I don’t worry, I just get on with it.....I can always change it later.
— Isabelle aged 10
Touch typing makes it easier for me to get my ideas out of my head on to paper. I can re-organise my work easily. When I want to change what I have written I just edit using cut and paste. I don’t have to re-write my work out.
— Tilda aged 13
I can take good notes in class, can copy quickly from the whiteboard without loosing my place and can listen to what my teacher is saying
— Luca aged 14