As the SENCo at a new independent secondary school, Kew House School, it has been really important for me to connect with the right outside agencies so that all of the students at Kew House get the best provision. I was so pleased when I met Suzanne Cagnoli and she was able to guide me through touch typing. Suzanne is very well informed and is able to explain all of the advantages of touch typing especially with dyslexic learners. Suzanne has taught over 50 Kew House students how to touch type and I continue to endorse her to teach many more to come. Alongside her professionalism and knowledge, Suzanne is patient, kind and goes the extra mile for her students to ensure that the skills learned in her sessions are transferable to the classroom environment which is vital from a school’s perspective. I can’t recommend Suzanne enough.
— Bethan Farrell, SENCo, Kew House School

Both of our children are learning to type with Suzanne - one is nearing the end of his learning and the other is just beginning hers. They really enjoy their lessons and have responded well to the individual attention that they get each week. There is real focus on learning at their own pace and in a way that appears to them. Suzanne sets realistic goals and expectations for parents and children, which means that tangible results have been apparent relatively fast. That has spurred the children on even more.

As a parent, I like the fact that Suzanne works with local schools across all ages to maintain close contact with the curriculum and the way that the children are learning. This ensures that they are learning to type for the real world and not just in a simulated environment. She also has a keen understanding of the learning requirements and challenges faced by educational needs such as dyslexia. This understanding means that she can work with the children that need it to explain very clearly how learning to type can help them unlock their potential. This has boosted morale in our son in particular, supporting all areas of his learning.
— Sam
Our son was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 9, and learning to touch type with Suzanne has completely revolutionised his learning. He had made little progress with a previous typing teacher, but with Suzanne he was engaged, clear in what he needed to practice and motivated in being able to see his progress week to week. We would highly recommend Suzanne - we felt she knew our child and understood how to get the best out of him.
— Jill
Suzanne has been a wonderful touch typing teacher for Harry, aged 9. He has progressed rapidly and in addition to the typing exercises, Suzanne has tailored an individual spelling programme to help with his weekly school spellings.
— Sophy
Learning to touch type in this encouraging environment has given my daughter all the skills she needed for secondary school. Suzanne’s attention to detail and caring nature helped Molly feel confident in her ability, to organise her work, perfect her speed and use these skills both in and out of the classroom. I would highly recommend this method.
— Charlie
My son Sam, aged 10, from Orchard House School loved his touch typing with Suzanne. She was so helpful, kind and encouraging - she made him feel so confident using the computer in school and for his 11 plus exams. Thank you!
— Sarah
Suzanne is the most lovely of teachers, patient, kind, and yet extremely effective. All is handled with the least possible fuss, and done in a trice. Suzanne loves children and she gets the best out of them for that reason. Everyone feels calm and confident and capable. It makes a huge difference. Not all teachers are like this!
— Otta and Nell’s mum, Melinda
Having been researching several local providers of touch typing programmes I was fortunate enough to find itouchtype. I had been previously impressed by parents’ comments about children who has completed the course in Acton and can now personally understand their enthusiasm. Suzanne works with children covering a fully range of abilities and have delighted in my son experiencing his sense of achievement, rate of success and an improvement in his level of self esteem. The children are involved immediately and feel successful even after a one hour long session. The self assessment and monitoring aspects ensure a steady rate of progress and the element of self-competition is something the children love. The look of sheer delight when Jesse’s face when he realised he could touch type! The acquisition of this skill has been akey to unlocking his potential across the curriculum. Suzanne’s nurturing manner promotes confidence and enthusiasm for both kids and parents alike.
— Fiona
My daughter Georgia, who was in year 10 going into year 11 at the time of taking her touch typing course, is a student at City of London school for Girls. She had been recommended to learn touch typing by her SEN owing to her dyslexia and processing difficulties. Suzanne made Georgia feel welcome and motivated her to learn this skill to a decent standard in just one week. Georgia is pretty focused and knew this would help her so did do the necessary homework, but nonetheless we were extremely pleased with the swift results and the ongoing confidence it has given Georgia.
— Sarah
Suzanne taught three of my children to type. Lucas in 2014, Linus in 2015 and Maud in 2016. She made the classes such fun, my children always enjoyed going to them and the practising at home was made easy as she gave them fun games to play on the computer. It didn’t feel like homework at all! All my children are fast typists now and I’m so grateful to Suzanne for teaching them so well. She also helped my son on how to manage his computer to make it easy for him to use at school. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!
— Susie
Beatrice was in her final year of French primary school (Jacques Prevert) when she attended an initial weekly typing course with Suzanne. As a complete beginner, Bea quickly settled and Bea felt very at ease at the lessons. Although a number of children attended at any one time, each child had their own modules to follow and Suzanne was always aware of where Bea was up to and what the next steps were. After attending an initial course, Bea had grasped the basic skills and achieved a very acceptable typing speed. Over the following 8 months Bea attended a couple of additional holiday courses which seemed to be bespoke to her needs. Now that Bea is at secondary school (Francis Holland Regent’s Park), Suzanne has been instrumental in setting Bea up on her new laptop and has given her plenty of tips, shortcuts and advice on how to introduce the laptop into her day to day school life. In addition, she was also happy to be in touch with school to discuss the courses that Bea had attended. Suzanne is always willing to answer any query that we may have and it is extremely comforting to know that we have her to turn when the need arises. I would wholeheartedly recommend her services.
— Jane
Suzanne taught Molly to type in just a few weeks. Having struggled with handwriting, she now uses a laptop for most of her work, and touch-typing has become second nature. It has transformed her experience of school - the best thing we ever did.
— Mary
Joe, aged 10, was pretty reluctant to learn to type - he would have preferred to be on the football pitch! But Suzanne managed to get him on board, and he’s enjoyed the process. He know types with confidence and speed, and agrees it was worth the effort.
— Mary
I am amazed how well my 8 year old daughter can get her thoughts to paper since she learned how to type with Suzanne.

Suzanne’s classes are small, fun, and she is very patient. Kate’s school work has improved and she has acquired a fantastic life skill.
— Michele
“Suzanne was a wonderful teacher to my 13 year old son Michael. Suzanne taught him to touch type when he was 10 when Michael was at Wetherby Prep at the time and diagnosed with dyspraxia. He was struggling with school work. Suzanne taught him with ease and kindness and with an intensive 6 weeks of private 1:1 tutoring Michael learnt to touch type and was at 25 words per minute and able to use a laptop in class. He has since kept this new skill and it has given him much confidence to go onto senior school and thrive amongst his peers. Suzanne also taught my other son Alexander when he was 8 at Wetherby School. He also learnt rapidly and enjoyed the classes and has retained the skill and thrives in ICT today.
— Alicja
I would highly recommend Suzanne’s touch typing course. My son Tom learned touch typing with Suzanne whilst at RPPS, aged 10. He was always happy to go to the sessions and clearly enjoyed the whole experience. He was keen to do the homework practices, which resembled computer games rather than “work”, and he was very proud of the progress made. Suzanne is a very motivating, encouraging teacher, extremely organised in monitoring and setting appropriate tasks each week, and Tom learned to touch type very quickly. The whole experience could not have been more positive.
— Hannah
Suzanne taught my 13 year old son and my 10 year old daughter to touch type and she did a brilliant job! She was both professional but warm in her approach and the environment she creates for the children to learn in is relaxed, encouraging and motivating. My children learnt to touch type very quickly with Suzanne, they had to do homework to re-inforce what they were learning but even the homework was fun. I highly recommend her.
— Julie
Suzanne is a wonderful teacher and both my boys took to touch typing with success under her good humoured and patient supervision. I was pleased at the progress they each made and Suzanne’s careful attention to their technique. Very worthwhile.
— Anji