Touch Typing for Children and Teenagers in West London

I am passionate about the benefits touch typing gives all children.

In this digital age Touch Typing is an essential life-long skill which is best learnt before bad habits set in.  The use of computers assists the work of all students by increasing output and particularly those with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, dyspraxia where writing by hand can compromise creativity.

My students learn to touch type for a variety of reasons.  

Those with Specific Learning Difficulties learn to assist their schoolwork, others to master a valuable life skill, a worthwhile post 11+ project or  to complete the new skill requirements for Duke Of Edinburgh Award - Bronze or Silvers Skills Section

To find the true benefits that touch typing gives children with Specific Learning Difficulties please  click on below:


In addition to sessions in W3,  I also run the Touch Typing Club at Kew House School.


          Bespoke Plans

Touch typing needs to be taught correctly.   My groups are small so that I can work closely with each child and working with parents is key.  Regular feedback is given to parents face to face or by phone so that children can be supported when practising at home.  An individual home practice plan is given to every student each week. 

Learning Correctly

Touch typing needs to be taught correctly.   Posture, hand position, use of the correct fingers, not looking at the keyboard are all carefully monitored.

Creative and Fun

As with learning any new skill, self belief is important and children need to feel that they are making progress even if at times slow. I can adapt lessons  to work with a child's ability and mindset, help to develop Growth Mindset rather than fixed. 

There is no such thing as fail -  First Attempt In Learning, sometimes we have to try a few times  to learn something. 


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Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss your child's needs.

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