Beginners Weekly


All students start with a 1:1 session prior to joining the group. This takes approximately 60 minutes. I ask that a parent attends the last 10 minutes so that we can discuss what is involved in learning to touch type. When parents are on board it makes a huge difference.

In the beginners courses students attend small groups each week. We use a variety of methods when learning the keys including software and copying as each child will find different elements easy or challenging. Individual tasks are set for each child weekly in the sessions and at home.

Intensive Courses are a great way to start or boost to learning . The weekly sessions,  reinforced by practice at home really build the new skill of touch typing into muscle memory. Home practise is crucial as it consolidates work covered in the session. Students who practise at home make the best progress.

Spelling patterns also frequently worked on, this is particularly helpful for dyslexic children. Muscle memory retains the patterns with this repetition.


These courses are held  in the longer holidays and are for students who wish to work on lower accuracy keys and boost their speed.


Laptop Ready For School/Setting Up For Senior School

"A Tool Kit to help students confidently and independently use their laptop in school in a structured and organised way."

This is either run as  intensive workshop or in 1:1 sessions over several weeks.

Students learn the technical and organisational skills and shortcuts so that they can type in their school subjects, are quick in class and ready when their teacher wishes to start teaching.  They also work on thinking and typing,  learn how to copy efficiently  from the board, note take,  language accents, how to set up an organised folder system and how to get the most out of using their laptop.  If needed, advice is also given on how to make the transition from writing to typing in school.

Intensive Holiday Courses  

Learning to touch type in the longer holidays suits come children. These 'Sandwich Courses' start with a 121 and are followed by an intensive course at the start of the holidays.  Specific tasks are given to each student to follow at home to consolidate learning, a second intensive course is attended in the latter part of the break. This may not suit some children, please call to discuss.