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As a mother of children who are dyslexic and dyspraxic, I know how difficult it can be to ask an overwhelmed child to learn a new skill when quite often their self esteem is low.  

         Whilst researching my courses I looked at lots of different ways in which touch typing is taught.   I have carefully designed our courses so that they are motivating and engaging.

                Through this research we found that the most effective way to learn to touch type is to combine weekly sessions with intensive courses supported up by regular weekly practice at home.

            Our personalised provision supports the unique requirements of each learner. Each student is given individual targets to work on in each session and at  home.

                 Touch typing needs to be taught in order to become an efficient touch typist.  To ensure this, our sessions are taught in small groups and are tailored to meet the individual needs of each learner. We have developed our own multi sensory drills and exercises, which are used addition to software. We believe that there is more than one path to reach a goal.

            Growth Mindset is the key to learning a new skill. We work hard and are creative when supporting students if they find a particular task difficult or if their self- esteem and confidence is low.